Accredited Qualifications

Theory and Practice of Mentoring  – University Certificate of Credit, Level 4 and Level 7

This course explores real-world applications of mentoring skills in various settings and helps you develop supportive relationships in your organisation, community or family. It is available as both an Introductory course (undergraduate level 4) and an Advanced course (postgraduate level 7)

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ILM Coaching and Mentoring – Level 5

The ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring in Management is designed to develop and provide practising managers with the knowledge, skills and confidence to perform effectively as coaches or mentors as part of their normal work role. The qualification is made up of three mandatory units which enable participants to understand, develop and demonstrate knowledge and skills in workplace coaching and mentoring.

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Mentorship in Healthcare Settings – Level 6

The module focuses on developing the role and responsibilities of the Healthcare Practitioner in supporting and mentoring students and other learners undergoing learning and development in a practice setting, exploring throughout the varied aspects of the mentorship role and relating to underlying theory  – View course details here

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Mentoring and Coaching in Educational SettingsLevel 7

This module explores coaching and mentoring in supporting those working in educational contexts, challenging learners to consider what coaching and mentoring is in their own practice setting, and how it supports a mentees professional needs. The module offers opportunity for critical reflection and conceptual and practical understanding of the ways in which mentors and coaches can facilitate the professional development of those working across a range of the educational settings, including trainees, new qualified or experienced education professionals.

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Sports Development and Coaching BA (Hons)Led by a team of experienced coach educators – and using first class sports and coaching analysis facilities – learners develop practical and technical coaching skills and competencies in both field and laboratory settings. This supports learners to plan, deliver and analyse their coaching delivery and on-going development.

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Sports Coaching MSc

The first course of its kind in the UK to be delivered fully online, this Masters programme provides an opportunity to explore a curriculum that is focused on effective coaching practice at both a strategic and operational level.

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