Chameleon – Case Study

Chameleon is an ESF-funded project running across Stoke on Trent.

Chameleon (West Midlands) CIC is a social enterprise that aims to provide motivational training and support for young people who are not working or in education. They do this by providing a ‘creative job hunting training package’. This includes:

  • introduction, job hunting  and motivation techniques (usually held at a local Job centre)
  • CV building and application forms
  • Job interviews – with mock sessions
  • goal setting
  • unlimited 1-2-1 coaching with our trainers

We incorporate creative activities that build team skills and confidence such as wall climbing and soft air. Some key advantages to our services are the flexibility and experience of trainers. We have a very good turnaround of helping people get into work, apprenticeships and education.

How we use coaching support in our work:

Andrew Gaunt

Andrew was living at the YMCA, unemployed, feeling lost and isolated due to not having any qualifications, unsure of what the future held for him. With the creative job hunting training Chameleon WM CIC provided, Andrew was able to develop himself first with one to one coaching and group motivational training sessions. These sessions helped him to learn how to set goals and work towards them.

As Andrew’s confidence grew he was supported by Chameleon with his CV and application writing skills, then on to interview techniques, which was one of his biggest fears.   He was then tasked to set some goals and develop a plan.  Chameleon was able to provide him with volunteering opportunities at the Burslem Festival to help to build his confidence. While volunteering at this event he was seen by a local business and offered work experience.

Chameleon also helped him to develop new friends and contacts, this was done through attending group events and activities such as wall climbing at The Kilnworx and airsoft events.   1-2-1 sessions were held with his mentor Jay Gardiner, and together they worked on improving Andrew’s employment prospects.

Andrew secured a job with McDonalds and now lives in a flat.

“It has been a brilliant experience, good detail and has helped me to learn a lot about myself.
Thank you”

Andrew Gaunt

 For more information about the project:

For further information about the project please contact: Navida Ahmed (Director) [email protected]