Our Vision

Our Vision

Our long term aim is to create a dynamic, sustainable Coaching and Mentoring Centre of Excellence within the next three to five years. This will involve:

  • Showcasing, sharing and supporting best practice across Staffordshire and beyond
  • Creating successful research, development and enhancement opportunities for practitioners, businesses, communities and learners – whatever context they operate in
  • Gaining recognition for our leadership, expertise and the positive impact of our endeavours

Our Aim

In the medium term we aim to develop an active Staffordshire Coaching and Mentoring Hub, with clearly definable steps which move us closer to the longer term vision.  These steps include:

  • Mapping out the Coaching and Mentoring skills, expertise and activity across Staffordshire
  • Engaging with an active group of engaged stakeholders to further develop Coaching and Mentoring within Staffordshire
  • Developing collaborative partnerships to secure funding for Coaching and Mentoring research and development